Gallery Viewer: Het fantasmagorisch universum van Nick Ervinck

GNI-RI sep2023 / Wie de naam van kunstenaar Nick Ervinck zegt, denkt dadelijk aan de metershoge gele sculpturen die over de ganse wereld opduiken. Maar dit is slechts een deel van zijn immer groeiende oeuvre. Bij NQ Gallery opende de tentoonstelling GNI-RI sep 2023, ceramic and drawings waar hij traditionele keramiek gebruikt om via 3D-experimenten ideeën van zowel organische als genetisch gemanipuleerde levensvormen te verkennen.

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COLLECT: Nick Ervincks wonderenwereld

GNI-RI sep2023: het is de formule waarmee de internationaal bekende Belgische kunstenaar Nick Ervinck (°1981) aangeeft dat het om een solotentoonstelling gaat. Gladde gele sculpturen en 3D-prints, daar wordt hij nog altijd prompt mee geassocieerd. Zijn eerste solo in NQ Gallery toont sculpturen in keramiek en tekeningen, grotendeels nieuw werk. Amorfe vormen in tere kleuren ogen organisch en titels zijn bij hem altijd onbestaande woorden. Een wonderland met een eigen taal. In de titel van de sculptuur OEBERION echoot Oberon, de mythische elfenkoning. Een fabelwezen of een levensvorm in een verre toekomst? Het is een gedurig evoluerend oeuvre vol mutaties en verstrengelingen tussen de fysieke en virtuele wereld, vakmanschap, digitale technologie, wetenschap, architectuur, kunstgeschiedenis, mythologie, oude culturen, games en sciencefiction.

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BLOEM displays a selection of Verwey’s flower still lifes alongside those of contemporary, well-known painters, for whom flowers or plants also form a recurring theme. Although the way they do this, their motivations to do it, and the meanings it holds for them vary greatly from Verwey’s. These differences may be present in material aspects – ranging from very light, scraped away, almost nothing, to very thick and rich – in content-related aspects – the underlying intentions of the work – or in formal aspects – the level of abstraction.

The studio of Marc Mulders (Tilburg, 1958) is surrounded by flower fields, and flowers literally form his direct living and working environment. He paints canvases with seemingly infinite amounts of fields or landscapes full of peonies, parrot tulips, irises, or lilies. Mulders’ work shares a resemblance with that of Verwey in the material, the thickness of his oil paintings. They also share a love and skill for painting in watercolor.

Ronald Zuurmond (The Hague, 1964) uses the painting of a houseplant or a branch of cherry blossom to recover from the suffering of the world, because in addition to nature, he also paints, based on newspaper photos, major themes such as life and death. Unlike Verwey, he is so deeply imbued and busy with the suffering of the world, that he needs these works to recover from it.

Visit Bloem from 8 July 2023 till 7 January 2024 at verwey museum haarlem, with the works of NQ Gallery’s artists Marc Mulders and Ronald Zuurmond.

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Stacii Samidin: Rotterdam is my best friend

Very happy to see Stacii Simidin featured on Gallery Viewer with a beautiful video. He speaks about being born and raised in Rotterdam-East, a district where he shared his life with many people with Indonesian roots, people with a strong sense of belonging to each other. Stacii: “I grew with the city.” He compares his personal development to Rotterdam’s growth into a metropolis. As a youngster, the city neighbourhood was his permanent home. Now he enters a “global arena” as a human being, documentary photographer and documentary filmmaker.

“What makes the painter an inspiration to dozens of artists, 133 years after his death?”

With that question in mind, I stepped inside the exhibition GEIST which is on display at NQ Gallery until July 2nd.

Read the in-depth article on our current groupexhibition, written by Yves Joris for Gallery Viewer online:

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Aline Thomassen: tempestuous silence or cruel tenderness?

Gallery Viewer, an online contemporary art platform, interviewed artist Aline Thomassen in the context of her upcoming exhibition at the gallery. Read the full interview here.

“The themes in my work are very human and as Stijn Huijts (general and artistic director of the Bonnefantenmuseum) said, suffering is always present. I intertwine this with a lust for life, pride and the strength to survive. People recognise themselves in my work. That is also what drives me in art: that you can share and communicate a feeling for life, the surface under everyday life, the unmentionable. In addition, I have always been looking for a different image of women, a different recipe for being human than what is forced on us from our culture. This is expressed in my work in images of women who are not busy meeting expectations, who are playing a role, who are not in someone else’s field of power.” – Aline Thomassen

Aline Thomassen © Nieck Bakker

Invitation to a concert by Dionysos Now! for ‘Honte, 2019’ by Berlinde de Bruyckere, accompanied by Aline Thomassen’s drawings

In the framework of our ongoing collaboration, we warmly invite you for a concert at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp on April 5th at 8 pm. Dionysos Now!, led by Tore Tom Denys will perform a vocal Adriaen Willaert Polyphony concert for ‘Honte’, an artwork by Berlinde De Bruyckere.

The work of Berlinde De Bruyckere renders haunting distortions of organic forms, working with casts made of wax, animal skins, hair, textiles, metal and wood. Dionysos Now! has collaborated with Berlinde De Bruyckere before; crossing over music and sculpture, here in the beautiful setting of Botanic’s chapel. 

Drawings by Aline Thomassen, that have been shown at Bonnefanten Museum before, will be presented by the altar at the chapel. Thomassen’s work uses ferocious depictions of women’s bodies to convey ambiguous and bodily experiences in the viewer. Her solo exhibition ‘Inquietude’ will open the next day, on April 6th at NQ gallery.

To order tickets to the concert please use the following link:

Stacii Samidin ends second in the Paul Peters Fotoprijs (Zilveren Camera)

Gallery artist Stacii Samidin ended second in the Paul Peters Fotoprijs, a price for socially engaged photography. The latter is given alongside the most prestigious award in photojournalism and documentary photography, ‘Zilveren Camera’, since 1949. 

The winner of the Paul Peters Fotoprijs is Zahra Reijs with her series ‘Dear Future’. Gallery artist Stacii Samidin’s series ‘ADAMAS’ ended second. The jury notes “Samidin poetically captures people who know the raw sides of life”.

Nick Ervinck: Exploring the Boundaries of Digital and Physical Art at Sculptura Festival

Nick Ervinck will be exhibiting at the Sculptura #1 – A Journey of Discovery festival in Tour & Taxis in Brussels. The exhibition will run from February 10th to March 12th. Visitors can find more information on Ervinck is a Belgian artist known for his abstract sculptures that explore the boundaries between digital and physical art. This festival promises to give a unique insight into his work and be a journey of discovery in the world of modern sculpture.

Marc Mulders on view at Botanic Antwerp

After showing a selection of earlier works at the Botanic Hotel, Marc Mulders will now have a space devoted to his work, midst ancient monastery walls. At walking distance from the gallery, a rotating selection of Mulders’ paintings will be on view throughout the year.

1 year of NQ

On December 3rd, it’s a year ago that we opened our new space in Antwerp. Many of you have been following our program since. The gallery is growing with a base of artists, which we are now also giving the smaller space to; all gallery artists have a work– our in house collection as it were. To celebrate that, them, and our team, we warmly invite you to join us for a drink on Saturday December 10th, 11-6pm

Marc Mulders painted ‘Sunflower 08.11.22’ as an ode to the event, and he will be present 12-2pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

Marc Mulders: Paradise Lost

Gallery Viewer, an online contemporary art platform, interviewed artist Marc Mulders in the context of his current exhibition at the gallery. Read the full interview here.

“Een schilderij mag zich niet op voorhand verwaand gaan gedragen omdat het wellicht in de toekomst, op de kunstmarkt meer geld kan opbrengen.” – Marc Mulders

Marc Mulders - A Garden Path
Marc Mulders at NQ Gallery

Alexander Tinei: Funny Games

From November 4th to March 19th, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, presents the work of Alexander Tinei.

The human body as the alpha and omega of the image. The exhibition Funny Games presents the work of the Moldovan painter, the essential figure painter Alexander Tinei. His individual works, both monumental and small formats, are fragments of a magnificent mosaic of human life. Painting is his way of understanding the world and life around him. He finds inspiration in the everyday, in found photographs and their mysterious banality.

BIG ART in Bajeskwartier

After four years, BIG ART’s pop-up art fair is back in the former Bijlmerbajes. From 4 to 6 November,
the doors of the old Main Building will open to the public. More than 75 artists show their
works of art. BIG ART is an accessible platform for a colorful mix of art disciplines. From enormous
drawings to large photographs and impressive sculptures, some artworks are of large format,
while others subtly refer to space, scale, and dimension.

Come and discover new work from gallery artists Natasja Alers and Sara van Vliet.

BIG ART Bajeskwartier
Bajeskwartier | H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48 | Amsterdam
Friday 4th – Sunday 6th November 2022 | Open 10:00 – 18:00

Buy tickets here.

Opening ‘Birth, Skin and World’

A glimpse of last Friday’s opening of ‘Birth, Skin and World’ with works by artists Levi Malfait, Erwin Keustermans and guest Francis Vanhee, captured by Oona Smet.

See it for yourself Thursday to Saturday between 11 and 6 pm and Sunday between 2 and 6 pm. 

Sara van Vliet is one of the nominees for The Royal Award for Modern Painting 2022

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will present The Royal Award for Modern Painting 2022 in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning, September 21. Three young artists will be awarded and will each receive an amount of 9.000 euros. After the award ceremony, the King will open the exhibition where works by the winners and the other nominees can be seen.

This year 286 artists submitted works. The jury, led by Paula van den Bosch, chose the following nominees: Kenneth Aidoo, Bo Bosk, Abul Hisham, Minne Kersten, Julia Kiryanova, Ralf Kokke, Mila Lanfermeijer, Shani Leseman, Fang Mij, Dion Rosina, W Rossen, Eva Spierenburg, Sara van Vliet, Lotte Wieringa, Iriee Zamblé.

The Royal Award for Modern Painting was established by King Willem III in 1871 as a Royal Subsidy for Free Painting. After King Willem III, the Royal Prize was awarded by successive heads of state and King Willem-Alexander has continued this tradition since 2013. The prize is intended to encourage young, talented painters in their work as artists. Visual artists up to the age of 35 working in the Netherlands can compete for the prize.

The exhibition is open to the public from Friday 23 September to Sunday 23 October. 

For more info visit

Interview with Niqui van Olphen on Gallery Viewer

In the section ‘The gallery of’ we talk to a host of gallerists from the Netherlands and Belgium: when and how did they start their gallery, what has changed in the art world since, what is their profile, what do they collect themselves, and what has been the impact of the pandemic on their gallery? In this part: Niqui van Olphen (NQ Gallery)

Read the article here.

© Oona Smet

Opening ‘Embodiment’

Thanks to all who made it to the opening last Friday to celebrate the inauguration of the new exhibition ‘Embodiment, with sculptures by Natasja Alers and paintings by Ronald Zuurmond. The exhibition will run until July 10th, we warmly welcome you to visit us if you haven’t seen it. Open Thursday to Saturday from 11 to 6 pm and Sunday from 2 to 6 pm.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp x NQ Gallery

NQ Gallery is excited to collaborate with Botanic Sanctuary Hotel Antwerp. With every gallery show, its exhibiting artists will also present works at the high end hotel. Each chapter of this dialogue between the gallery and the 15th century monastery hotel will be marked by an intimate reception and a preview of the gallery exhibition.

Visit Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Make It Happen: Stacii Samidin

He was born (1987) and raised in Rotterdam-East, a city district where he shared his life with many people with Indonesian roots, people with a strong sense of solidarity with one another. Stacii Simidin says: ‘I have grown together with the city.’ He compares his personal development with the growth of Rotterdam into a metropolis. As a youngster, the city neighbourhood was his stomping ground. Now, he has entered a worldwide arena as a human being, documentary photographer and documentary filmmaker.

Stacii has a passion for people and their identity, in particular for unorthodox groups of people such as gangs in neighbourhoods, backstreets and outskirts, also in Rotterdam: ‘I like to look beyond the ‘gang’ label. I see the boys behind their face coverings, and their families. I try to dispel stereotype imaging of groups, but also of Rotterdam as a city. After all, Rotterdam is much more than just the Erasmus Bridge, Sparta or Feyenoord. I stop before all those doors that people often pass by. For example, I made a photograph of children in the tenement staircase at the oude Kaap.’ This photograph won him the award ‘Power of Rotterdam’ in 2016.

Upcoming exhibition: Embodiment

‘Embodiment’ is a duo exhibition of sculptor Natasja Alers and painter Ronald Zuurmond. In it, the emotive potential of material, colour and movement binds the works in space. The eye follows the curves and dripped colours on the new ceramic sculptures of Natasja Alers. Blobs and humps take almost human shapes. We are invited to touch these sculptures that play on surface and inside.

Ronald Zuurmond leaves remnants pend mid-abstraction, where these traces of his painterly process become flowers, figures or remain abstract. He seems to balance memory and presence both in what is depicted and in aesthetic references. 

Opening on May 20th from 6 to 8 pm, ‘Embodiment’ will be introduced with a speech by Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink, director of the Museum for Fine Arts in Ghent. The evening will be accompanied musically by the High Tree Cats, and catering provided by Van Teylingen Catering and Events. The exhibition runs until July 10th.

We look forward to welcoming you in the gallery!

Design by Jelle Jespers.

Interview with Alexander Tinei on Gallery Viewer

The art of painting of Alexander Tinei: A process from eighty to one hundred percent

For anyone who likes paintings in which a story is suggested rather than told, the exhibition ‘Angels & Outcasts’ by Moldavian, Budapest-based Alexander Tinei (1967) is an absolute must. Tinei studied at the Chisinau Repin State College of Fine Arts in Moldova from 1988 to 1991. In the ’00s, he established himself in the Western art world, where he had his first international exhibitions in Budapest, Amsterdam, and Belgrade.

Read the full article here.

Interview Alexander Tinei
© Oona Smet

Het Laatste Avondmaal. Van Da Vinci tot Mamedov.

05.03 – 22.05.2022

NQ Gallery Artist Marc Mulders is part of this exciting exhibition with his work Crack L.A. nr II from 1989. It shows another broad table, reminiscent of Da Vinci, but without people, bread or wine. Above it hangs a giant wall of flesh, perhaps as a pointer to the mysteries.

Museum Krona
Veghelsedijk 25
5401 PB Uden

For more info visit:

Marc Mulders – Crack L.A. nr II (1989). © Museum Krona

Read all about the new nipple vase of Natasja Alers

Natasja Alers is working on a new nipple vase in Design Museum Den Bosch. Spoiler alert, the vase will have a height of 1 m!

Read the article here.

Upcoming exhibition: Angels and Outcasts

On the verge of Spring, NQ gallery opens ‘Angels and Outcasts’, a solo exhibition of paintings by Moldovian artist Alexander Tinei. Working from cut out media images, the bodies in his paintings are detached from time and surrounding; their anatomic precision floating in a rough textured ether. Spread around in the space, sculpted figures by this exhibition’s guest artist Johan Tahon look like silence and introspection. Both artists express a subtle quality, in the midst of the continuous flux of things.

‘Angels and Outcasts’ is a solo exhibition of paintings by Alexander Tinei. Johan Tahon will figure as a guest artist with a series of new sculptures. 

The exhibition will open on March 18th and run until May 15th 2022. At the opening (6 to 8pm), there will be a talk by Doctor in Archeology and Art/Doctor of Philosophy Benny Madalijns at 6.30 pm. We are happy to pick up old habits; celebrating the opening with catering provided by Van Teylingen and Events in the presence of artist Alexander Tinei. We look forward to seeing you there!

Design by Jelle Jespers.

Upcoming exhibition: Silverstrand

We’re excited to announce the upcoming solo exhibition ‘Silverstrand’, with paintings and objects by Anne Silverstrand Forest, which will open on January 21st and run until March 13th 2022.

The exhibition carries the artist’s middle name, ’Silverstrand’, after a Swedish ancestor. Playing on characters, naming and veiled feelings, the exhibition covers the artistic journey of Anne Silverstrand Forest. Portrait-like paintings and wall objects of people and other creatures, look into histories and hierarchies. Strongly influenced by Russian Orthodox iconography that she grew up with, sole figures with a distant gaze are portrayed against an equally enigmatic, space-less background. The characters in her mystical and naive yet colourful portraits are each given a name, granting their stoic expressions and hidden emotional worlds, a sense of identity. 

The exhibition ‘Silverstrand’ will be accompanied by works of guests Marc Mulders in the Helen Frankenthaler Room and Anne Rose Regenboog.

Design by Jelle Jespers.

UNITED 4.12 – 14.01.2022

Natasja Alers – Ingrid van der Hoeven – Johannes Nagel – Stacii Samidin – Johan Tahon – Alexander Tinei – Ronald Zuurmond. With guest artist Martin Assig (graphic works and drawings)

The title for the UNITED exhibition has gradually emerged. It’s due to the various interconnections between the artists and their work that UNITED took shape. Many of the works in the exhibition were created especially for it. Having this show as its opening exhibition in the new space, feels like it’s no coincidence. The gallery hopes to present surprising skills and combinations, in which the works are complemented by each other’s presence.