Johannes Nagel @ La Verrière — Fondation d’entreprise Hermès

Emmanuelle Castellan – ‘Spektrum’

In Brussels, under the zenithal aperture of La Verrière, curator Joël Riff has been highlighting visual artists in a plural configuration since 2023, based on the principle of “augmented solo”. By inviting several creators from all horizons to share their artistic approach, he invites the public to enrich their perception of a singular work, while inscribing it in a fertile play of correspondences.

Johannes Nagel, one of NQ Gallery’s house artists, is a sculptor, exploring the possibilities of a vessel. His work ranges in size from the sitting-room scale to the monumental. Rather than closing onto themselves, Nagel’s vessels appear at times to be sliced and cut open at their extremities. In the case of these containers full of holes, the interior competes with and complements the exterior, they resist the very idea of “containing”.

Tree pot by Johannes Nagel