Upcoming exhibitions

Orange Offset - Current exhibition

08.05.2024 - 30.06.2024

SOLO EXHIBITION BY ALEXANDER TINEI 08.05.2024 – 30.06.2024The vernissage will be hosted by Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink (Director of the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent). Alexander captures the steady ticking […]

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Dubbelfocus SOTT NQ Gallery Antwerpen – Verwey Museum Haarlem

09.06.2024 - 28.07.2024

SOTT is an initiative of Frank van der Linden, the Eindhoven art transporter and organizer for museums and galleries. It is an initiative where ceramic masks are edited by more […]

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05.07.2024 - 31.08.2024

Works on view of the group of artists who at the same time exhibit at SCULPTURAL Middelkerke, Be Anton Cotteleer- Warre Mulder-Octave Vandeweghe- Sven Boel- Caroline Coolen-Elleke Frijters- Nadia Naveau-Robin […]

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Marc Mulders

28.09.2024 - 24.11.2024

Solo exhibition Marc Mulders (in the H.F. Room works of artists Marc admires)

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Natasja Alers & Anne Silverstrand Forest

29.11.2024 - 26.01.2025

Duo Exhibition (with Lotte Wieringa in the H.F. Room)

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Previous exhibitions

Marieke Bolhuis, COMMON GROUNDS, with special guest Per Adolfsen

01.03.2024 - 21.04.2024

Marieke Bolhuis is a versatile artist and will show large outdoor sculptures, smaller masks, ceramics and oil painting on aluminum mirror at NQGallery. Since 2012, she has focused on people […]

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I told you who I am

17.03.2024 - 21.04.2024

Solo exhibition by Sara van Vliet in the H.F. Room Sara van Vliet’s large-scale paintings depict a banality of life and an absurdity of our existence. The everyday takes shape […]

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In the middle of my future and past

24.11.2023 - 04.02.2024

Francis Henri (Vanhee)s’ (°1995, Eernegem) life reads like the photography process: bright flashes, then darkness, its development and whether to retouch and reflect. In the middle of my future and past is […]

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GNI-RI sep 2023, ceramic and drawings

08.09.2023 - 12.11.2023

Nick Ervinck (°1981, Roeselare) developed a visual language of his own in which he combines new media and traditional sculpture. He explores the artistic possibilities of the digital revolution and […]

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18.05.2023 - 27.08.2023

Prolonged from August 3rd onward! GEIST, like a ghost, or like yeast, questions the influence of painterly master van Gogh on contemporary artists. How far does an image stretch and […]

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07.04.2023 - 13.05.2023

In the exhibition ‘Inquietude’, artist Aline Thomassen’s nudes dissolve into their backgrounds. Like bodies of water, her female figures continuously change states. Thomassen makes visible the internal processes, mental and […]

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Concert Dionysos Now! by Tore Tom Denys

05.04.2023 - 05.04.2023

Hymns around the sculpture Honte, 2019 by Berlinde de Bruyckere and drawingsby Aline Thomassen referring to her solo exhibition ‘Inquietude’ at NQ Gallery. Location: Elzenveld Chapel, Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

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Come As You Are

06.01.2023 - 19.03.2023

‘Come as you are’ presents a two-person exhibition by Lotte Wieringa and Johannes Nagel.  The work of both artists is marked by the constant dialogue with the materials they engage […]

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A Garden Path

05.11.2022 - 01.01.2023

The word paradise is derived from the ancient Persian– a green place. Paradise haunts gardens, and some gardens are paradises. Mine is one of them.* In the solo exhibition ‘A […]

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Birth, Skin and World

09.09.2022 - 30.10.2022

The exhibition ‘Birth, Skin and World’ presents works by artists Levi Malfait, Erwin Keustermans and guest Francis Vanhee. Levi Malfait looks into the human need for ‘conclusive’ or ‘completed’ stories […]

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Nose, Tail and Paw

15.07.2022 - 04.09.2022

‘Nose, Tail and Paw’ presents three to four works by eleven artists. The title of the exhibition refers to different parts of a body building up to a whole, as […]

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20.05.2022 - 10.07.2022

‘Embodiment’ is a duo exhibition of sculptor Natasja Alers and painter Ronald Zuurmond. In it, the emotive potential of material, colour and movement binds the works in space. The eye […]

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Angels and Outcasts

18.03.2022 - 15.05.2022

‘Angels and Outcasts’ is a solo exhibition of paintings by artist Alexander Tinei. The gloomy paintings interestingly merge with the coming of Spring. Working from cut out media images, the […]

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21.01.2022 - 13.03.2022

The exhibition carries the artist’s middle name, ’Silverstrand’, after a Swedish ancestor. Playing on names, characters, and veiled feelings, the exhibition covers the artistic journey of Anne Silverstrand Forest. It […]

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Group Exhibition UNITED

04.12.2021 - 14.01.2022

The title for the UNITED exhibition has gradually emerged. It’s due to the various interconnections between the artists and their work that UNITED took shape. Many of the works in […]

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