Marieke Bolhuis, COMMON GROUNDS, with special guest Per Adolfsen

Marieke Bolhuis is a versatile artist and will show large outdoor sculptures, smaller masks, ceramics and oil painting on aluminum mirror at NQGallery. Since 2012, she has focused on people in all their facets in her work, including humor. The exhibition will be a total installation that feels like a landscape or a family outing. Bolhuis’s figures are constantly changing. The sculptures undergo transitions and all feel related. A large family of which the newest branch has taken on very vegetal forms. The landscape, nature, our origins, reconnecting with it, the plants, the human condition, that is the core. This is also where there is an overlap with the work of Danish artist Per Adolfsen. Where Bolhuis left the landscape as a form and poured it into a human form, so that people prefer to look at themselves, Per Adolfsen continues to name the landscape. He adds his own layers to it, make it become careful observations. This exhibition features never-before-seen small pencil sketches, the foundation of his work, which he started just before Corona (2018 -2020).
These black and white pencil drawings of Per Adolfsen’s world promise a beautiful view or horizon between the colorful figures of Marieke Bolhuis.