Upcoming exhibition: Angels and Outcasts

On the verge of Spring, NQ gallery opens ‘Angels and Outcasts’, a solo exhibition of paintings by Moldovian artist Alexander Tinei. Working from cut out media images, the bodies in his paintings are detached from time and surrounding; their anatomic precision floating in a rough textured ether. Spread around in the space, sculpted figures by this exhibition’s guest artist Johan Tahon look like silence and introspection. Both artists express a subtle quality, in the midst of the continuous flux of things.

‘Angels and Outcasts’ is a solo exhibition of paintings by Alexander Tinei. Johan Tahon will figure as a guest artist with a series of new sculptures. 

The exhibition will open on March 18th and run until May 15th 2022. At the opening (6 to 8pm), there will be a talk by Doctor in Archeology and Art/Doctor of Philosophy Benny Madalijns at 6.30 pm. We are happy to pick up old habits; celebrating the opening with catering provided by Van Teylingen and Events in the presence of artist Alexander Tinei. We look forward to seeing you there!

Design by Jelle Jespers.