In the middle of my future and past

Francis Henri (Vanhee)s’ (°1995, Eernegem) life reads like the photography process: bright flashes, then darkness, its development and whether to retouch and reflect. In the middle of my future and past is the latest reflection of everything that was but also has yet to come. Above all, let us smash it rather than disguise it. The barbs are what make the world interesting and Francis translates that with lifelike artworks, taken from life without retouching the authenticity. Like a mirror without reflection, they show the gruesome shadow of the sun.

At first glance, his works are suspiciously flat. Behind this, however, lies an unprecedented, and sometimes unsettling, depth. One feels more depression on antidepressants than spontaneous euphoria which creates aversion for some, while others feel spurred on to look deeper at the ugliness of the world and society, and discover the beauty when it all falls into place. Understanding that this – however ugly and bleak – is truly beautiful, brings intrinsic peace that falls like a warm blanket over this exhibition.

With this exhibition, Francis shows his personal pivotal moment. The door of the past is always open while he rings the bell of the future, not knowing who or what will open it. It is precisely this uncomfortable and nerve-wracking unknowing that makes tomorrow’s inspiration.

In the middle of my future and past is bolstered by gripping artworks created by Francis’ friends who are also the guest artists during this exhibition. They bridge the depths underlying Francis’ works and create additional layers to an already impressive exposition. It is a fraternal artistic dance that creates harmony between Francis’ complex profundity, the loving response of his friends and us as spectators.