Prolonged from August 3rd onward!

GEIST, like a ghost, or like yeast, questions the influence of painterly master van Gogh on contemporary artists. How far does an image stretch and how defining are the seeds of our collective pictorial history? Starting from a freshly published catalogue of 39 paintings by Ronald Zuurmond, under the same name; this exhibition shows all 39 of Zuurmonds’ images. His series is made up of reworked pieces by Arnulf Rainer that were inspired by van Gogh. This formed the impetus for this show, which looks at Van Gogh’s influence on some artists today. More specifically, a fine selection of our own gallery artists; does the spirit of great painterly master like van Gogh still reverberate? 

GEIST as a catalogue of Zuurmond, pairs his series with full-colour pages. In the show, the works are arranged as one large tableau. GEIST extends the question of being spirited by van Gogh to Stacii Samidin, Marc Mulders, Sara van Vliet, Nick Ervinck, Alexander Tinei, Lotte Wieringa, and guest Marieke Bolhuis who each in their own accent, formulate works in resonance with the master of a starry night, his bedroom and sunflowers. 

GEIST as a catalogue is a collaborative effort of artist Ronald Zuurmond, Yuwong Chou director of ADC, and NQ Gallery.