In the exhibition ‘Inquietude’, artist Aline Thomassen’s nudes dissolve into their backgrounds. Like bodies of water, her female figures continuously change states. Thomassen makes visible the internal processes, mental and physical, of the women she portrays, showing their organs bare and their gazes turned inward. The paintings size calls up yet another layer of bodily experience, as the  larger-than-life figures appear almost too close. 

Women in her paintings reveal and fluidify, leak and gush through their porous contours in strong or watery pigments. Aline Thomassen tries to not focus on details, and refers to her image making like to thinking an image with your eyes closed; fragmenting essence. Beyond abiding by societal expectations of contained and regimented womanhood, the works of Aline Thomassen put down in direct painterly gestures, women as tentacled and multiple beings.