GNI-RI sep 2023, ceramic and drawings

Nick Ervinck (°1981, Roeselare) developed a visual language of his own in which he combines new media and traditional sculpture. He explores the artistic possibilities of the digital revolution and aims to make the boundlessness of virtual space tangible through the intricate forms of 3D prints, which are impossible to create manually. His work is influenced by Henry Moore (whose concept of ‘emptiness’ fascinates him), Hans Arp, Barbara Hepworth, and Greg Lynn (for his Blob architecture).

Through a number of ceramic works, created for this exhibition, Nick strikes a balance between figurative and abstract art. His work provokes doubt and questions, they evoke a certain tension, even a slight unease. It’s impossible to define exactly what you perceive. Do you see an organic or mineral form? Plant-like or animal-like? You see one thing, and the next moment you see something else: the tentacle of an octopus or the hand of a monstrous mutant, or even a dead coral. Nick says: “The firing of the glaze generates cracks, air bubbles, and color variations which are largely uncontrollable. Those imperfections are pure poetry and contribute significantly to the emotional and sensory dimension of Nick Ervinck’s ceramic works. In his drawings, he starts from preliminary studies of sculptures and works on them with pen or pastel.

Just a selection of the works of the exhibition is shown on the website, for more information send us a DM or visit the exhibition.