Nick Ervinck: Exploring the Boundaries of Digital and Physical Art at Sculptura Festival

Nick Ervinck will be exhibiting at the Sculptura #1 – A Journey of Discovery festival in Tour & Taxis in Brussels. The exhibition will run from February 10th to March 12th. Visitors can find more information on Ervinck is a Belgian artist known for his abstract sculptures that explore the boundaries between digital and physical art. This festival promises to give a unique insight into his work and be a journey of discovery in the world of modern sculpture.

Marc Mulders on view at Botanic Antwerp

After showing a selection of earlier works at the Botanic Hotel, Marc Mulders will now have a space devoted to his work, midst ancient monastery walls. At walking distance from the gallery, a rotating selection of Mulders’ paintings will be on view throughout the year.

1 year of NQ

On December 3rd, it’s a year ago that we opened our new space in Antwerp. Many of you have been following our program since. The gallery is growing with a base of artists, which we are now also giving the smaller space to; all gallery artists have a work– our in house collection as it were. To celebrate that, them, and our team, we warmly invite you to join us for a drink on Saturday December 10th, 11-6pm

Marc Mulders painted ‘Sunflower 08.11.22’ as an ode to the event, and he will be present 12-2pm.

We look forward to seeing you!