Opening ‘Birth, Skin and World’

A glimpse of last Friday’s opening of ‘Birth, Skin and World’ with works by artists Levi Malfait, Erwin Keustermans and guest Francis Vanhee, captured by Oona Smet.

See it for yourself Thursday to Saturday between 11 and 6 pm and Sunday between 2 and 6 pm. 

Sara van Vliet is one of the nominees for The Royal Award for Modern Painting 2022

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will present The Royal Award for Modern Painting 2022 in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning, September 21. Three young artists will be awarded and will each receive an amount of 9.000 euros. After the award ceremony, the King will open the exhibition where works by the winners and the other nominees can be seen.

This year 286 artists submitted works. The jury, led by Paula van den Bosch, chose the following nominees: Kenneth Aidoo, Bo Bosk, Abul Hisham, Minne Kersten, Julia Kiryanova, Ralf Kokke, Mila Lanfermeijer, Shani Leseman, Fang Mij, Dion Rosina, W Rossen, Eva Spierenburg, Sara van Vliet, Lotte Wieringa, Iriee Zamblé.

The Royal Award for Modern Painting was established by King Willem III in 1871 as a Royal Subsidy for Free Painting. After King Willem III, the Royal Prize was awarded by successive heads of state and King Willem-Alexander has continued this tradition since 2013. The prize is intended to encourage young, talented painters in their work as artists. Visual artists up to the age of 35 working in the Netherlands can compete for the prize.

The exhibition is open to the public from Friday 23 September to Sunday 23 October. 

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Interview with Niqui van Olphen on Gallery Viewer

In the section ‘The gallery of’ we talk to a host of gallerists from the Netherlands and Belgium: when and how did they start their gallery, what has changed in the art world since, what is their profile, what do they collect themselves, and what has been the impact of the pandemic on their gallery? In this part: Niqui van Olphen (NQ Gallery)

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Opening ‘Embodiment’

Thanks to all who made it to the opening last Friday to celebrate the inauguration of the new exhibition ‘Embodiment, with sculptures by Natasja Alers and paintings by Ronald Zuurmond. The exhibition will run until July 10th, we warmly welcome you to visit us if you haven’t seen it. Open Thursday to Saturday from 11 to 6 pm and Sunday from 2 to 6 pm.